Blepharoplasty Toronto is popularly known as eyelid surgery. As we begin to age, the skin around the eyes starts to wrinkle, develop puffy bags, or the lids become heavy. These things can make one look older than their age. Eyes are considered to be the doorways to our soul. If you are looking to improve the way your eyes look and make you look more youthful. Here is all that you need to know about this procedure.

What happens in Blepharoplasty?

Blepharoplasty is performed under conscious sedation. You can choose to get the procedure performed on both the eyelids or the upper or the lower eyelid. In upper Blepharoplasty, small incisions are created through which a small amount of fat is removed. It is this fat that causes a bulging appearance. The removal of fat gives the eye a more contoured and natural open look. The skin around the eyelid can also be tightened before closing the incisions with delicate structures.

The procedure on the lower eyelids can be performed in various ways. The transconjunctival approach is one of the most popular ones. The surgeon removes fat through a tiny incision made inside the lining of the lid. This approach leaves behind no visible scarring. Another approach is the subsidiary approach, in which fat is removed through the tiny incision made under the lower eyelashes. The incision becomes almost invisible after it heals.

What does recovery look like?

After undergoing the procedure, you would be allowed to go back home the same day with a friend or a family member. You would be prescribed antibiotics to decrease the risk of infection. Along with that, you would also be prescribed pain medication. It is suggested that you take a week off from your daily schedule. The incisions will be removed five days after the surgery. You might experience some bruising and swelling, and it is suggested that you use a cold compress. The swelling and bruising should settle down within a week. With time, the incisions will also begin to heal, and they would become nearly invisible to the naked eye.

What is the right age to undergo the procedure?

The procedure doesn’t have a set bar for age. However, most patients who decide to undergo the procedure are above the age of 35 years. The patients who undergo the procedure usually show signs of aging.

What are the side effects?

Before undergoing any surgical procedure, it is best to know about the possible side effects. Right after the procedure, you might experience blurred vision temporarily. You might experience mild to moderate discomfort for which you would be prescribed pain medication. Apart from that, swelling, redness, itching, and a sensation of tightness are some of the common side effects you can expect during the first week. As it is an invasive procedure, there will be a scar. A skilled surgeon will place the incision with such care that the appearance of the scar will gradually fade away.