Do you have dark and pigmented skin around your eyes which no concealer can cover? Are you frustrated by trying various kinds of topical creams which don’t work? Well, if yes, then we have the perfect solution to your skin problem. Green Toning Toronto is an advanced treatment that can help you to get rid of pigmentation. This treatment allows you to achieve brighter skin with improvement tones without any discomfort or downtime. It is a safe treatment for Asian skin, which is prone to hyperpigmentation. Green toning can also help reduce pore size, improve the skin color, improve the appearance of sun damage, and help you have a smooth skin texture. Here is how green toning can help you to get porcelain-like skin.

How does the treatment work?

The green toning laser uses two light energy wavelengths: the Q-switched YAG, which helps to treat deep pigmentation, and the Q-switched KTP, which helps to treat the superficial pigments. The effect of the laser shatters the pigments so they can be removed from the body naturally. The photo-acoustic reaction, caused by the energy, breaks the pigments down into fine dust, which is cleared out extremely fast. It is a non-ablative procedure which means that it doesn’t require any anesthetic. The treatment doesn’t damage the surface layers of the skin to stimulate peeling. The results offered by green toning are clearer and even-toned skin. It also makes the skin supple, firmer tone, minimizes pores, and gives you a natural glow with less makeup.

In which areas can this treatment be done?

Green toning can be done anywhere on the body. Most clients usually undergo this treatment to brighten their face, decollete, and hands, the parts of the body which experience most sun exposure and environmental stress. This treatment is also used to improve post-inflammatory pigmentation (PIH), which is caused due to skin injuries like burns, cuts, or surgical scars.

What to expect during the treatment?

A lot of patients have described the treatment as a prickly sensation yet comfortable. No anesthesia is necessary before the sitting. The green toning technology is exceptionally safe and effective for melasma. It is non-thermal and doesn’t cause the skin to react by making it uncomfortably hot. The laser might feel warm during the session, but the skin will be cooler throughout it with the help of a cold air attachment.

This treatment is considered to be more comfortable than IPL and laser hair removal. During the treatment, a laser handpiece would be moved over your target areas in smooth motions. Once the treatment sitting is over, you might experience something similar to a mild sunburn and see some flaking or pink skin for a day. To maintain flawless results, you must follow the treatment care instructions shared with you and avoid stepping out in the sun during the treatment period. For the best results, it is recommended to undergo 3 to 4 sessions, four weeks apart.