These days protecting vision is very important because digital devices are available in abundance. All these devices emit blue light that can hurt the eyes of humans. People mostly sit in front of digital devices these days and they can get serious problems. The blue light not only affects the eyes but can cause other health problems as well. To protect the eyes from blue light one can wear blue light glasses.

What is blue light?

The light with high energy wavelength is blue and it is emitted by digital screens such as computers, mobile screens, LED, and other devices. The blue light is something that even gives a blue color to the sky.

How can blue light affect the body?

The eyes usually sense through the light whether it is day or night. The sensors usually sense that it’s the day when eyes are exposed to blue light. Then the eyes send these signals to the brain. The wavelength of blue light is that is why linked with circadian rhythm. That is how the brain makes the body feel alert or tired. This light is better during day time as one stays alert and can give better reactions. The blue light can also reduce the secretion of melatonin in the body. Melatonin is responsible for the sleep-wake cycle of the human body. But it can be affected by the blue light. This is the reason that blue light at night makes the body feels alert.

The blue light can cause eye strain and the wavelength of the blue light makes it very difficult for one to focus. Longer exposure of eyes to the blue light can cause retina damage or other major physical problems. So, one should take care of the eyes from the blue light.

Tips on how to reduce the effect of blue light

Here are certain tips that can help you in saving from the blue light:

  • One should get enough sunlight in day time but to a certain limit. The exposure to the blue light at day time will help you in maintaining the circadian rhythm. One should always do it within the limit as an excess of it leads to exposure to harmful rays and UV rays.
  • One should always try to make changes to the screen of the phone. Some smartphones allow such changes and some do not. In case phones do not allow then one can download an application such as night shift, twilight, or any other app that provides the same facility.
  • One should not hit digital devices before going to bed. If one wants to use the device before sleeping then one should leave using them at least half an hour before sleeping.
  • One can go for blue light glasses as well. The glasses help in reducing the eye-strain, increasing vision clarity, decreasing macular degeneration, and more.

So, all these tips can help one with the blue light. For more reference about the blue light, one can go to