In the midst of one of the toughest times the world has ever faced, the current pandemic put everything to a halt. For once, the fast-paced world came to a stop, and we all could not believe it. Fortunately, as humans, we are quick to evolve, and so things are taking a turn to revert to a new normal. A new normal that we have to wear masks in public, wash and sanitize our hands and maintain social distance.

Today, more than half the world’s working population has had to start working from home, but a big chunk of people still have to report to work. Take, for instance, doctors and engineers brainstorming the making of a self-sufficient defibrillator have to report every day to get something done. That said, here are some of the health protocols such establishments have to have to ensure safety.

Train your staff members

The first thing, before doing anything else, is to train your staff members. Have a seminar or two to inform them about the current situation and make them aware of its impact on them personally and whoever relates to them. Simple things as hand sanitization and maintaining social distance may seem small, but they save people on a larger scale.

These training sessions are also a way to encourage and motivate them that what they are sacrificing is worthwhile and you, as their boss, have their best interests at heart. And so, one session is not enough, but a repeated routine a week or so is great to see the progress and get feedback first-hand.

Install all needed equipment and installations

As read above, people now have to wash their hands and sanitize them constantly, so what are you doing to ensure this? One way is to have thermometers and to sanitize dispensers at strategic places in the establishment and hand-washing stations. You mustn’t forget to include fumigation of the working space every day to kill off any lingering pathogens to spread the virus.

Create a set of rules and stick by them

If someone is not wearing a mask, or following the rule of at least sanitizing their hands, what consequences do you have in place? Sometimes, people become a bit stubborn and dilly-dally on the rules and not give them a second thought. And since they are familiar with the environment, they see no need to have the mask on or keep hands clean. When you meet such a person or a group of people, as the owner, have stringent measures like dismissal, or warnings to know how important it is to stay within the rules.

Take away

Everyone wants to be healthy, but that has to be a collective effort where the general public is involved in taking care of themselves, which essentially extends to taking care of each other. If a business owner follows the measures suggested above, they will have done their people a service.