You have probably known that dental health is important for your overall health and well-being. But, a lot of people still ignore the importance of teeth cleaning Oak Lawn and don’t know how often they must visit their dentist.

Proper oral healthcare helps maintain your smile for many years and prevent major diseases. The conditions of your teeth and gums indicate your overall health and are associated with cardiovascular problems and cancer. Proper oral care prevents these issues and others such as gum disease, diabetes, and premature birth. Visiting the dentist regularly can help prevent oral health problems that may result in more serious illnesses. Dentists recommend patients visit them once or twice every year. However, the frequency of visit can increase because of some reasons including the following risk factors:


Smokers have an increased risk of oral disease including oral cancer, gum disease, and gingivitis. Research claims smokers must visit the dentist more often than typical adults to prevent common oral diseases.


Diabetes is a risk factor that increases a person’s risk of periodontitis or inflammation and infection of the bones and ligaments that support the teeth. Also, diabetes can reduce saliva production, creating a dry mouth. This puts a sufferer at risk of cavities and tooth decay.

Sleep difficulty

These days, dentists can screen for restless leg syndrome or sleep apnea at regular checkups. The positioning of the jaw and teeth can significantly affect sleep disorders. Thus, seeing a dentist more often is essential to make sure the patient has and maintains proper teeth alignment.


Pregnant women must take good care of their teeth and gums to avoid suffering from dental issues that may require medications harmful to their unborn child. While most pregnant women can visit their dentist at once during the second trimester of pregnancy, those with existing dental issues must see their dentist more frequently.