Asian double eyelid surgery creases the upper eyelid resulting in a double eyelid. It involves a small surgical procedure in which a surgeon creates the crease though and incision or non-incision method depending on the type of the eyelid.

People pursue Asian double eyelid surgery in Los Angeles either for medical or cosmetic reasons, but either way, they end up with more aesthetically appealing eyes. The following are some of the eyes that are correctable through Asian double eyelid surgery.

Monolid eye:

It is the most common reason why people undergo the Asian double eyelid procedure. A monolid is an eye with smooth eyelids that have no folds. Anatomically, most Asians have monolid eyes with East Asians being more monolid-eyed than other Asians of different ethnicities.

Asian double eyelid surgery is the most popular procedure among Asians in the world. They seek to get the ‘ideal eye’ through the creation of a fold on the upper eyelid resulting in a natural-like crease.But there is no problem with a monolid eye as long as your eyes are functional.

Hooding eyelids:

Some patients undergo Asian eyelid surgery to remove sagging eyelid skin. Monolids hood faster than double eyelids because of the surface area between the fold and the eye.  A monolid has a small space in the eyelid; therefore, the drooping skin reaches the eye quickly.

Thick eyelids:

Again, if your eyelids tend to fold inwards when you open your eyes, they make the eyelashes to rub the cornea, causing irritation and damage of the eyes. Asian double eyelid surgery can be useful in correcting such a problem.

Puffy eyes:

Puffy eyes are as a result of excess skin and fat in the eyelids. Asian double eyelid procedure removes the excess skin and fat through incision method and creates a double fold resulting in thinner and more bright eyes.

Small eyes:

Asians tend to have small eyes.It is because of the excess skin in the inner areas of the eyes (epicanthal fold) and tightness that inhibits full opening of the eyelid. A procedure known as epicanthoplasty is useful in correcting such an eye whereby it opens the inner corners of the eye.

Undergoing Asian double eyelid procedure with epicanthoplasty results ina double eyelid and a larger and brighter eye.

Ageing eyelids:

In older people, a hooding eyelid covers the eye fold or changes the eye’s shape. It is correctable by removing excess skin on the eyelid or by creasing it. The method depends on how much skin is hooding. If it is thick, then removal is recommendable, but if the skin is minimal, creating a fold through the non-incision method can work.

It also depends on the age, if the eyelid is the skin is loose the eyelid hoods faster than a firm elastic skin.

Lower eyelid bags:

Lower eyelid bags are as a result of a tarsal fullness brought by lower eyelid muscle hypertrophy. When undergoing Asian lower eyelid surgery, this fullness can be enhanced or restored because it is crucial in making someone look younger.


There are many aspects of Asian double eyelid surgery that can improve your eye’s features. It is not solely a cosmetic procedure; some undergo the process because the eyelids interfere with their vision. You can undergoAsian double eyelid surgery as long as you are dissatisfied with how your eyelids look.