Whether you want to get pregnant, trying to reach a milestone at any stage of your pregnancy, or having other health issues, talking to your doctor is critical to ensure you get the care and attention needed. Visiting a gynaecologist is especially essential when it comes to family planning, understanding your biological clock, and having a healthy pregnancy.

However, choosing the right gynae clinic Singapore among multiple available gynae clinics in the country can be a bit overwhelming for most patients, especially first-timers. To ensure you select the best gynae clinic suited for your needs, consider these seven vital factors.


Researching the doctors’ credentials is critical since this process would give the patient an idea on the doctor’s skills, training and experience in the obstetric and gynaecological field. A gynaecologist who is also an obstetrician would save the patients from wasting a lot of time and effort in finding another expert when they conceive. Patients may also want to explore their options with doctors specialising in other relevant conditions, such as high-risk pregnancies, especially if they have underlying diseases or had multiple or one previous miscarriage.


Depending on the patients’ preference, they may pick a clinic with female or male gynaecologists. If they are not comfortable or feel that their current choice is lacking, they can always switch their gynaecologist.

You may alsoscrutinise the clinic’s specialists’ attitude on specific issues which are vital for the patients, such as their opinions on natural delivery or cesarean. Knowing the specialist general approach in practice would give the patients an idea of the doctors’ responses on some circumstances the patients are particular about.


Some critical factors to consider when it comes to the clinic’s reputations include the following:

  • Educational qualifications of the clinic’s gynaecologist
  • The doctors’ years of experience, including when handling patients with complications.
  • The clinic’s history on malpractice
  • Previous patients testimonials and reviews

Patients can also ask for the recommended gynae in Singapore from their family and friends who have had their first-hand experience with any gynae clinic.

Average consultation time

Patients need to get sufficient attention from their doctors, especially when they are not in their best self or need special care. Hence, patients would need to consider the clinic’s average consultation length to ensure they get the attention they need from the specialist. Ideally, patients would prefer to have a gynaecologist who would spend enough time with them to slowly explain, evaluate, and answer their inquiries regardless of how big or small the issue may seem.

Specialist’s availability

The doctor’s availability is another critical factor to consider. Even though the clinic may operate for 24 hours, the doctor who the patients are affiliated with may not be available to attend their emergency needs. Doctors from reputable clinics are often tight on schedule. For regular check-up schedule, patients can work around the problem by planning and making appointment weeks in advance.


The clinic’s facility matters. High quality and a well-maintained facility would generally provide high-quality care. Patients should also figure out the clinic’s logistics when they visit the clinic, especially when it comes to the clinic’s location, distance, and accessibility to ensure that emergency arrangement and immediate care are possible and convenient particularly for high-risk pregnant women.


The gynaecology services offered differ from one clinic to another. Hence, patients should consider what type of services they want to receive before choosing a clinic. Singapore’s WS Law Women’s Clinic & Laparoscopic Surgery Centre, for instance, provides services for pregnancy care and delivery, laparoscopic surgery, general health and cancer screening, menopause management, abnormal menses treatment, sexually transmitted diseases screening, and family planning or contraceptive consultation.


Choosing the right gynae clinic Singapore that can attend to all your needs is essential, especially since the gynaecologists would be your first line of defence which would protect you against the barrage of anxieties. Be sure to pick a gynae clinic that has doctors you are comfortable with since they will be caring for you and your most intimate parts.